Ravenna port

The Port of Ravenna is one of the main ports in Italy

This unquestionable supremacy has been achieved thanks to the quays which are spread for more than 12,5 kms long and which are exceedingly equipped with the most innovative methods of loading and unloading such as cereal-suction pipes, jib and mobile shore cranes, bridge-Cranes and transtainers, mechanical lifting systems and screw loaders for bagged cargoes among several yard means of handling.

Yards allotted to the storage are displaced all along the 12,5 Km of quays and the most various arrangements provide the different areas dedicated to the storage. Amon them the open ware-houses with an extension of 870.000 smq, other reserved areas for Containers and rollings with 460.000 smq , various storage houses of 160.000 sqm. Moreover the bulk cargo areas may be pointed out by their overall storage capacity of 1.770.000 cm, the grain silos with about 380.000 cm , and to conclude with it should be mentioned the tanks for non oil liquids which hold more than 325.000 cm



The Port of Ravenna is provided with its own rail network. Port Terminals are connected to different railway lines and the link to the national rail network is assured.

Efficient and qualified activities in nautical services are guaranteed by the “Corporazione dei Piloti” (Pilots Corporation) that counts with 12 operators and 3 motor-pilot cutters which enables the incoming and outgoing of vessels in the port of Ravenna.

The towing service is unwound by a group of 12 tugboats of different power.

A very qualified group of about 20 operators is in charge of the mooring service.

Nowadays an area of such importance accomodates more than 50 societies with hundreds of qualified personnel operating within the different of Shipping and Forwarding Agencies, or offering their assistance to the vessels in the port such as the ship –chandlery.

Ravenna is considered as a main leading port in Italy. From its origins of industrial port- call up to the present as an active point of world –trading the Port of Ravenna also stands out not only in the shipbuilding industry, in the realization of the off-shore platforms but also in the shipbuilding and repairing yard enterprises.