Basilica of S. Apollinare in Classe, 5.3 km to the south, on the Adriatica state road. From the junction for Lido di Dante, entrance to the archaeological area of ​​Classe * with remains of the late Roman and Byzantine port facility.
Further on, to the left of the state road, S. Apollinare in Classe **, cemetery basilica consecrated by the bishop Massimiano in 549. The cylindrical bell tower * can be dated to after the 15th century. IX. Inside, mosaics * of various ages (VI-VII and beyond).

Pineta di Classe, one of the six stations in which the Po Delta Regional Park is located, stretches to the south-east of the basilica and is part of a forest that originally covered the entire coastline.

Pineta di San Vitale *, 4.5 km north, part of the homonymous station of the Regional Park of the Po Delta: once belonging to the homonymous abbey of Ravenna, it was once united, along the coast, to the pinewoods of Classe and Cervia; on the left of the state road, near the flooded coffin of the Lamone stream, is the wildlife oasis of Punte Alberete.

Russians, km 15.5 south-west, the excavation of the Roman villa (1 km before the town) from the Augustan age by origin, the center of a large farm operating until the century. IV.